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Last week Business North Harbour hosted a Breakfast with Google at North Harbour QBE Stadium.

Be audacious and make the world a better place, Google's Australasia spokesman encourages businesses.

John Ball, Google managing director of small-to-medium enterprises for Australia and New Zealand, was the guest speaker for Business North Harbour's breakfast event on Thursday.

About 150 people turned up to hear wisdom from the multi-billion dollar company, whose name has become a well-known verb.

Businesses must be online with mobile-friendly websites, Ball said. "The future is here: the mobile [phone] is the future, digital is the future; the best way to embrace that is to start today. 


"The jobs for the future are here in the innovation corridor, creating technologies not just for north Auckland but for the planet," he said.

"The future is mobile," Google's John Ball says.

The essence of Google is interesting people doing interesting things, such as creating driverless cars, which can give independence to people who are blind, Ball said.

But he admitted these developments could only be worked on thanks to marketing revenue, which produced the majority of Google's income.

Ball talked about how to use Google ads to get to the top of search results.

"Being there is only half the story. Part of it is understanding what the message is that customers want to see."


He encouraged businesses to look at their website through their customers' eyes, to ensure users have a great experience and a "frictionless" transaction.

Ball recommended businesses have a landing page to match any promotion, as well as ensuring their website is useful and quick to load.

The breakfast event also included a short talk by Adrian Pickstock from the Interactive Advertising Bureau NZ, who explained what his organisation does to provide guidelines for internet advertising.

Pickstock also supported thinking about the customer experience, saying many online advertisers forgot about the user experience.

"As a consequence, users became irritated. Now there's ad-blocking," he said.

The bureau's guidelines for online ads included making them of limited file size and non-invasive.



Overall it was a great event and everyone in attendance left with more knowledge than they had when they went in. Our very own ILG Director and Owner Greg Frittelli who is also the Chairman on Business North Harbour also briefly spoke at the event. The world is increasingly digitalised and we must move with it or be left behind!




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