“Like the idea of paying off your mortgage as fast as possible while still enjoying a comfortable lifestyle? 

Hi! I’m Rachael – the Smarter Mortgage Lady – and that’s what I help people do. 

I utilise a unique process to restructure your finances, creating flexibility and certainty, and enabling you to achieve your financial goals, because my philosophy is that having a smarter mortgage saves you time and money. 

Talk to me and in just a few minutes I can show how you could save $80k in mortgage interest, use your existing equity to launch your property portfolio, or help you get into your first home. If you’re ready, let’s create you a smarter mortgage NOW!”

Contact Rachael Thompson:

Phone: 09 448 2092

Mobile: 021 311 988

Email: rachael@ilg.co.nz

Website: https://rachaelthompson.co.nz/