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There is no cover like North Cover – Exclusive to businesses located North of the bridge and all the way to Warkworth.

We’ve introduced a first of its kind insurance product called North Cover that delivers 100% peace of mind for business owners on the shore all the way up to Warkworth.

Why North Cover is different – Protecting your Business 100%

  • No Questions asked $25,000 life insurance for everyone in your business.
  • More business cover, including Directors and Officer’s insurance, with lower premiums.
  • Lower Excesses.  Your current theft excess for an insurance claim is $2,500 with North Cover it is only $500.
  • Up to 3 years - New for 3 year old replacement of damaged or stolen portable equipment, including iPhones and tablets.

The cherry on top is that for any business which insures with us everyone in the business automatically gets a no questions asked $25,000 life insurance (no health checks etc).  When a sudden tragic event happens in a small business, the results can be catastrophic for both the family and the business.  With North Cover, this $25,000 life insurance could give an employer the opportunity to provide the family with a financial boost (e.g. pay for the funeral) and also have funds to ensure the business can continue (e.g. pay for unexpected recruitment costs). 

North Cover is a win for everyone in the business.

Another great benefit is that if you lose a laptop or mobile phone it is now covered by replacing the old one with a brand new one for up to 3 years. Also included is business interruption insurance.  Another benefit is substantially reduced excesses including what customers must pay on any items lost through burglary and theft. 

North Cover provides general insurance (office contents, motor vehicles and public liability) and also brings in personal insurance.  For businesses in our region, there really is no other cover like North Cover.

Insurance & Lending Group (ILG)

North Cover is brought to the region exclusively by ILG, who successfully lobbied insurance giant Vero, for favourable insurance premiums for North Shore clients by proving that businesses on the North Shore should be rated differently from those in the greater Auckland region.  It makes sense, our region had a far lower crime rate, with fewer big manufacturing plants there were fewer fires and with good crime prevention there were less burglaries.

While many of ILG’s clients have enjoyed some of the benefits (including lower premiums) over this time, ILG is now launching North Cover that protects your business like no other cover does. 

Get North Cover Today – Protect your business the best way possible, by switching to North Cover today! 

Call us to find out more on 09 448 2092 or click here and we'll give you a call.


Insurance Report Card

Is your business Fully Protected?

1.            Office equipment

2.            Motor vehicle

3.            Up to 3 years - New for Old replacement of damaged or stolen portable equipment with low excess.

4.            Burglary insurance with low excess

5.            Theft insurance with low excess

6.            Liability cover that includes fidelity and criminal defence costs.

7.            Directors and officer’s insurance

8.            Loss of profits

9.            Recruitment costs

10.          No questions asked life insurance for everyone in your business

There is no reason your business insurance should score less than 10/10 now that North Cover is here! 

Call ILG on 09 448 2092 to find out more or click here and we'll give you a call.