Financial planning is about more than money – it’s about managing your money to get what you want out of life.  Depending on your situation, a good personal financial plan will cover some or all of the following;

Money Management
Smart ways to manage your money day-to-day, savings options and ways to manage debts like credit card bills.

Risk Management
Protecting you and your family from the risk of financial setbacks, covering your debts, death and helping you cope with illness, injury or loss of income.

Retirement Saving 
Deciding when – and how – you want to retire.  Then working out how much you’ll need to save to get there.

Making the most of your money and giving you options that suit your tolerance for risk.

Choosing the best mortgage for you.

Estate Planning
Ensuring your assets end up in the right hands when you’re no longer around. Without a proper Will in place, your assets are distributed according to formula, which might be quite different to what you preferred.   It’s also usually more expensive and takes longer to administrate estates without Wills.

Your estate plan may also include setting up a Family Trust or Enduring Powers of Attorney.  Family Trusts can provide protection against insolvency, high taxes, claims by relatives and others against your Will and claims under the Property Relationships Act.  Enduring Powers of Attorney allow you to appoint someone to oversee your finances and make health decisions for you should you become ill and unable to do so yourself.

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