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… the cost of providing a fully subsidised health plan for your company can be as little as 1% of your annual payroll.* And the benefits for both the employers and employees are beyond amazing – not to mention the cover provided for pre-existing conditions.

The benefits of group health schemes are amazing – for both the employee and employer.

Research undertook in October 2011 looked into how employers benefit from having a health insurance scheme. Key findings were:

1. Reduced absenteeism:
Staff are less likely to take time off work for medical reasons.
Staff from companies with a health scheme took 2.2 fewer days off per year.
2.2 days off equates to around $500.00 in lost salary. Depending on your number of staff you could be saving thousands of dollars.
2. Attract potential staff:
Almost half of employees said a health scheme was a huge pulling factor.
A health scheme is seen as more attractive than free car parking and subsidised income protection.
3. Retain key staff:
Staff turnover rate can be reduced by 5%.
Higher levels of employee satisfaction with a health scheme.
Reduces stress of other employees with staff given the right treatment.

But what does this mean for your people?

Health insurance makes people feel valued and secure.
If an employee is diagnosed with a qualifying medical condtion, health insurance can pay for private medical attention
Employees can have treatment at a time that suits them.

The more staff you have the more benefits you gain, such as no underwriting for larger numbers, no stand-down periods for claims and highly reduced premiums.

Best of all, they will take on many qualifying PRE-EXISTING CONDITIONS!
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For more information on the above study, please contact us and we can put you through to the study and findings.

Group Health Schemes – Factual info on staff numbers


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