Protecting your Business

If your business lost an owner through death or major illness or you lost a key person that was critical to your business functionality, wouldn’t it be reassuring to know you were protected financially?

We can help you look at the risks your business might face and what you can do to protect it.

Protecting your Business Assets

How would your business cope if its assets were damaged or lost? Your business needs its property and assets, just to keep functioning.  If anything does go wrong you need to be sure things can be restored so your business is up and running as soon as possible.

We can provide the following protection for your business;

Protecting your Health

You don’t know when or how a health problem might affect you.

Protecting your health helps ensure you have immediate access to the right healthcare services when you need them. It provides an alternative way of paying for treatment so you can use private services and seek advice if the unexpected happens.

Want to know more? Contact Us, we’ll be happy to talk to you about a health insurance package to suit your needs.

Protecting your Life and Lifestyle

Life is all about taking little risks. But sometimes things can happen that change our lives for the worst. Protecting your life and lifestyle is all about being prepared for the unexpected, and making sure you and your family are looked after financially.

Here are some of the life and lifestyle insurance options available.

Insurance Calculators

How much life insurance will I need?
Applicable to those with or without existing life insurance, this tool prompts you to think about many aspects of your current and future insurance needs.

Business Calculators

Key Person Insurance
What would happen if you lost a key person in your business?  This calculator is designed to help you work out the financial risk associated with losing a key person

Some of the calculators on this website require Java.  If you don’t currently have Java installed pleaseclick here.

Business Protection

You can’t control some business risks (like economic downturns), but you can plan for other risks and events, like losing a key member of staff or damage to your business premises. That planning can mean the difference between success and failure.

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Protecting your Business
Protecting your Business Assets