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"The genuine concern they showed for us - it’s what friends and family would do for you."

Name Paul Davison
Age 56
Occupation Engineer
Type of Cover AMP Income Cover
Amount of Cover $5,386 monthly benefit

Paul Davison has approached his Hodgkins Lymphoma cancer the way he approaches everything in life - with a positive, let’s-get-on-with-it attitude. His chemotherapy treatment has been successful enough to enable him - five months after diagnosis - to travel from his home to the rugby in Wellington.

His wife Helen believes that their AMP Income Cover policy has been a contributing factor in Paul's recovery. "Paul's positiveness is wonderful, but the insurance has meant we've had total peace of mind. We've not had to worry one iota about money."

On the recommendation of his accountant, Paul took out the Income Cover policy in 1996, when he became a self-employed engineer. Without the insurance money, the Davison’s, who have three children, might have faced the prospect of refinancing their property. "It would probably have been disastrous," says Helen.

Paul’s AMP Income Cover policy has been paying him a monthly income while he is unable to work, allowing him to focus on his recovery without the worry of financial matters.

Paul’s recovery has been encouraging and he says he will be well enough to be back to work in February. AMP took this on board and paid him his November to January monthly benefit payments as a lump sum before Christmas, so that he won't have any problems over the holiday period. And obviously, if Paul finds he can never return to work, the policy will pay him until he turns 65.

Helen says the family has been "overwhelmed" by the response from AMP.

"It's not just the fact that an insurance company came through on its promise to pay you. It's the genuine concern we were shown. They were in contact with us all the time, asking if there was anything we needed. We really saw the personal side of an insurance company. AMP took care of us."

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